WA3RNC 30 Meter Crystalplexer "Quick-Kit"

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30 Meter QRP Transmitter “Quick-Kit”

  • Builds in just a few hours, not a weekend
  • Crystalplexer circuit covers about 30 kHz, 10.10-10.13 MHz
  • Maintains crystal control stability
  • Adjustable output power level, 1 to 3 watts
  • Built in T/R switch allows for QSK operation with any receiver
  • “Spot” function to adjust to receive frequency without QRM
  • Operates on 12 to 14 volt supply or battery
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • PC board supplied with 55 SMT components machine mounted
  • Board with SMT parts completely tested with bed-of-nails fixture
  • Builder mounts just 28 parts, and you’re done
  • Harmonics and spurs exceed FCC specs at -57dBc

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To access the schematic for the WA3RNC 30 Meter QRP CrystalPlexer Transmitter, please click here.

Assembly Instructions

You can access the assembly instructions by clicking this link.

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