WA3RNC 40M CW Transceiver Quick-Kit

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WA3RNC 40 Meter CW Transceiver Quick-Kit

  • Builds in just a few hours, not a whole weekend
  • Tunes approximately 7.017 to 7.047 MHz
  • Dual digit Digital Dial reads directly in kilohertz above 7 MHz
  • 10-turn potentiometer makes tuning easy
  • Output is adjustable from 0 to 5 watts or more with rear panel control
  • Receiver sensitivity 0.15 microvolts (MDS), image rejection -68dB
  • Sharp IF crystal filter (350 Hz @-6dB) for single signal reception
  • Front panel LED receive signal indicator for judging signal strength
  • 12 dB receiver attenuator switch with front panel LED indicator  
  • Transmitter harmonics and spurs down better than -55dBc
  • Receiver current consumption <50 ma, transmitter 400-800 ma
  • PC board is supplied with 104 SMT parts machine installed
  • 16 additional alignment critical parts are factory installed
  • The board arrives tested and completely factory aligned for you
  • Builder installs 24 components, and the board is finished
  • All four toroidal inductors are pre-wound for you to save time
  • The Digital Dial is factory assembled, tested and aligned
  • The panel control interconnection harnesses are wired and tested
  • Die cast aluminum powder painted case is predrilled for quick assembly
  • Enclosure is available in several color choices
  • Click here for assembly instructions

40 Meter Xceiver Spectrum 5 Watt Output

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