The TR-45L project has been plagued with parts availability issues for quite some time. These issues are ongoing with no near term relief in sight. As of July 1, 2021, all of the parts are projected to be in stock for the first run build sometime in the second quarter of 2022, but with no guarantee. This would be more than a year after the originally expected release date. Not only have electrical part lead times increased dramatically, in some cases to more than a year, the part prices have also taken huge leaps. Damn covid…

It does pain me to admit that snow will be flying in Pennsylvania before the TR-45L release. There is a small chance that a limited release of a small number of units might occur in the fall of 2021, but again there is no guarantee. Any additional release information will be posted on the web site at the appropriate time. Check back periodically.

I regret that the news couldn’t be better, but I do thank you for your interest in the TR-45L.  

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