The TR-45L project has been plagued with parts availability issues for quite some time. These issues have for the most part been resolved and no major parts availibility issues remain for at least a 50 unit pilot run. Final revision bare PC boards are expected to arrive in late July or early August with the pilot run commencing then. Since the pilot run will be completely factory wired units, kits will not be available until a few months later.

Pricing has not yet been set, but is expected to be in the $425 range for the kit, with wired and tested units at around $575. Not only have electrical part lead times increased dramatically, in some cases to more than a year, the part prices have also taken huge leaps. Damn covid…

Any additional release and price information will be posted on the web site at the appropriate time. Check back periodically.

Thank you for your interest in the TR-45L. 

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