TR-35 Firmware Upgrade for Keyer Memories

An upgrade to the TR-35 firmware adds keyer memory record and playback functions and the ability to invert the OLED display optics for the possibility of increased contrast under high ambient lighting conditions. Other changes include switching directly between CW narrow and CW wide modes without entering SSB mode. SSB mode will require a longer switch closure of about 1.5 seconds. If engaged, RIT will remain on between CW narrow and CW wide mode selections. The current firmware version is V.0.30 as of April 2023 as shown on the display upon power-up.

The good news is that any TR-35 can be upgraded with a simple replacement of a properly programmed plug-in microprocessor, or with the reprogramming of the original microprocessor. No other hardware changes are required.

But...there is bad news. The availability of the microprocessor has gone from "buy it anywhere for $1.95" in mid-2021 to "virtually unavailable anywhere at any price" today. Delivery dates are quoted as August of 2023 for orders that I placed last year. The manufacturer is now quoting a 102-week lead time!

Because of this critical chip shortage, I do not have a sufficient inventory of the microprocessor to be able to send out programmed parts for TR-35 upgrades. What parts I do have are destined for production of TR-35 and TR-45L transceivers. Therefore, a TR-35 firmware upgrade will require that either the microprocessor or the complete transceiver be sent to me freight prepaid for reprogramming, along with funds for return shipping and insurance. If you intend to remove and return the microprocessor, be sure to observe antistatic precautions and be certain that you understand how to package the part for shipment to prevent it from being crushed by mishaps within the postal service. If you return only the microprocessor, please include $6.00 for return shipping. If you decide to return the complete radio, please include $15.00 for return priority mail freight and insurance. Understand that there is no charge for the actual upgrade reprogramming, only for the cost of returning your unit to you. If sending a check, please make it payable to John Dillon. The address to ship to is: 

255 Country Club Rd.
Lewistown, PA 17044

Thanks for your kind understanding.

73 de WA3RNC  

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