WA3RNC TR-45L QRP Transceivers Now In-Stock!

The TR-45L factory wired transceivers are now available for purchase (kits are not available). We’ve been working on a reservation list with delivery times of two to three weeks for wired TR-45L radios. We now have sufficient stock quantities to permit purchases for immediate shipments with no wait period. The TR-45L is available in two different forms, the standard original unit, and the new “skinny” version with a much thinner housing. Two options are available for the original version, an internal 5200mah lithium battery, and an internal Z-match antenna tuner. These options are not available for the “skinny” version because there is not sufficient room inside the thinner rear housing to accommodate them. A tilt-bail is included with the thinner version (see the photos). Stock is currently available for both versions. If stock becomes unavailable, you will be notified when placing an order and will not be able to complete the ordering process. We do not want to accept your payment if a product is not available for shipment.

Standard Version TR45-L TR-45L "Skinny" Version

Both versions have identical circuitry and PC boards. Both have an internal speaker. The standard version has the speaker on the left side panel. The “Skinny” speaker is on the rear panel.

  • The TR-45L is a 5-band 5-watt CW transceiver covering the 80-75, 40-, 30-, 20-, and 17-meter bands.
  • Full band coverage is provided, with the transmitter optimized for the CW band portions.
  • The receiver is provided with both narrow and wide band IF filters, and CW and SSB detectors.
  • Precision optical encoder utilized for long-life smooth tuning.
  • An illuminated front panel meter shows “S” units on receive, and power output (forward or reverse) while transmitting. The meter also will display the battery state of charge.


  • A “High VSWR” warning indicator will illuminate if the SWR exceeds about 2:1.
  • The transmitter output is adjustable from a few milliwatts to 5-watts with a front panel control.
  • RIT is provided to adjust the receive frequency up to + or – 5kHz from the transmit frequency. An amber warning LED is provided to show when RIT is active.
  • Two VFOs for each band are provided with recallable memories.
  • A built-in mode-B iambic keyer is adjustable from about 5 wpm to 45 wpm with a front panel speed control.
  • Dual keyer memory messages record and playback. Each message has a 25-word (PARIS standard) storage depth.
  • Separate straight key and keyer paddles inputs are provided on the front panel. Both can be connected and used with no switching required. Always ready for SKCC contacts…
  • A front panel adjustable notch filter is provided to null out interference.
  • A front panel RF gain control is provided.
  • Operates from a nominal 12-volt power source requiring up to 1.7 amps on transmit, and about 120 ma on receive. An on-off switch is provided.
  • Tuning speed is easily settable from 1 Hz to 1kHz per step with 64 steps per revolution.
  • A selectable dial lock is available to prevent inadvertent frequency changes.
  • A built-in speaker provides more than adequate volume.
  • There is a knob or switch for every function – no confusing back menus!

TR-45L Orderable Variants (effective 8/23/2023)

TR-45L Skinny Wired with Tilt Bail­­­­­­­­­­


TR-45L Standard Wired


TR-45L Standard Wired with Internal 5200mAH Battery and Charger


TR-45L Standard with Internal Z-Match Tuner


TR-45L Standard with Internal Battery and Z-Match Tuner


A freight charge of $19.50 will be added for each unit ordered.

Options Available for Standard TR-45L (NOT Skinny)

Battery Pack Z-Match Tuner
Internal Lithium Battery Internal Z-Match Antenna Tuner


Resources & Documentation

Additional Images

TR-45L 5-Band Transceiver

TR-45L 5-Band Transceiver

Image TR-45 showing the built in speker

Built-in Speaker

Image of TR-45 front panel

Front Panel 1

Image of TR-45 front panel

Front Panel 2

Image of TR-45 front panel

Front Panel 3

Image of TR-45 "S" meter

"S" Meter

Image of TR-45 Plug in RF board

Plug-in RF Board

TR-45 internal view

Internal View

TR-45 Optional Lithium battery pack (shown is an old version, the new version will be 5200mAh)

Optional Lithium battery pack (shown is an old version, the new version will be 5200mAh)

TR-45 skinny bail collapsed

Skinny Bail Collapsed

TR-45 skinny bail extended

Skinny Bail Extended

TR-45 skinny and standard comparison

Skinny and Standard


European Union Shipping Issues

Shipments to Europe are problematic because our products have not been tested for the addition of the “CE” label as is required for the European Union countries. Even though amateur radio equipment is largely exempt from the EU “RED” testing requirements, it seems that the “CE” marking is still required. This “CE” testing is very expensive. Based on the number of inquiries we get from Europe, we would never come close to recovering these expenses. We will not simply just add the “CE” mark without the required testing, as is common with Chinese products. However, it appears that the “CE” mark might not be required on kits because after all they a collection of parts and could not be tested for “CE” without being assembled. This might place the responsibility for compliance on the builder instead of with Penntek. Shipping kits only (and not wired units) might prevent the possibility of having the radio confiscated by European Customs for the missing “CE” mark. We welcome any thoughts and comments on this issue.


WA3RNC TR-35 4-Band 5-Watt CW Transceiver Kit

Image of the TR-35


Factory wired and regular kits now available for order here (select appropriate option when checking out)

  • Size 5 ½ X 3 ¼ X 1 ½ less protrusions, weight 10.6 Oz
  • 5 watts minimum output on all bands at 12vdc input, can approach 10 watts with 14 volts
  • Full coverage of 40, 30, 20, and 17 meters with extended RCVR  tuning above and below
  • RCVR modes for CW narrow and CW wideband, and for SSB reception
  • Optimized for operation from 3 series-connected external 18650 cells
  • RIT tunes + and – 5KHz
  • Blue OLED display reads frequency to 10 Hz and RIT offset
  • Reverse display optics mode for better visibility in high ambient light conditions
  • Built in Iambic keyer is adjustable 5 to 45 WPM with front panel control
  • Two message keyer memory record and playback, programmable with paddles
  • Separate jacks for straight key and paddles; Always ready for SKCC contacts
  • Operates on 9.5 to 14 volts, < 100 ma receive, up to 1.5 Amp Xmit at 12 volts
  • Selectable tuning resolution steps of 10, 100, and 1000Hz
  • Low battery indicator with internal adjustment 9.5 to 11.5 volts 
  • Front panel adjustable RF gain control
  • Front panel TX power control; Adjustable from 0 to full output
  • Rugged TO-220 FET RF amp has delivers 5 Watts on all bands
  • Signal quality blue LED, RIT warning orange LED, Low battery red LED
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity with MDS of -125dBm
  • Very effective receive AGC prevents ear damage with strong signals
  • Transmitter harmonics and spurs -52dB, meets FCC specs
  • CW sidetone is the actual transmitter signal as heard by receiver
  • Match the received signal tone to the sidetone for perfect zero beating
  • Sharp IF filter; Better than 350 Hz at the -6dB point, plus 700 Hz audio filter
  • Over 250 machine placed SMT parts, and about 55 user installed parts
  • All critical circuits are factory pre-aligned and calibrated
  • No endless “back menus”; There is a control or switch for every function
  • Factory wired and tested option available
  • All toroids are factory wound and prepared



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