What Our Customers Say About the TR-35

“I received my TR-35 kit last week, and I built it over the weekend. The build process was extremely easy and straightforward. Congrats for the great arrangement of the different building parts. It's probably one of the easiest kits I have assembled so far…The transceiver seems to be working alright. I have made a dozen QSOs on different bands, and I will be testing it more in the coming weeks. Overall, the first impression is very good. The controls are clear and easy to learn, the screen is nice and tidy, and everything is quite intuitive.” de M0KTZ


“I've had my T-35 on the air for two days. My first QSO on 20mters was a UA4! That was followed many more QSOs. Thank you so much for your design work. You hit it out of the ball park.” de K0CDJ


“…the radio is working great on all bands at the VOA site (Washington, NC), no sign of spurs or overload. So kudos on your design, its great in high RF environments.” de W7GS


“I built the kit version TR-35. I'd describe the assembly instructions as 'near perfect'. For experienced builders, the assembly is fast and straightforward. I wanted an intuitive, non-menu-driven, knob-controlled radio. The TR-35 sure does deliver. After a quick reading of the operation page, everything is quite effortless. The radio does everything I would want it to. It's a joy to use. I have run my TR-35 at home for a couple of months now. Pure fun! I expect it will be a great portable radio when I do get back into that area. I have to smile when I recall snagging VK2GR long path in the afternoon on 20 meters with only 7W/wire antenna. Having four bands in a radio at this price point is very good indeed- makes it quite a capable QRP radio.” de K3KY


“I just got out again with the TR-35, and this was the first outdoor use since the update with the CW memories. The radio performed beautifully on 20M today, and having the memories is an excellent addition to the radio.  Only a 1 point SOTA summit combined with a parks-on-the-air activation here in Acadia National Park. 28 QSO's in a little over 30 minutes of on air time.  Could have gotten more in if I was better at dealing with pile-ups…” de K1GC


“Thank you for an excellent radio in the TR-35. I loved building it, and am enjoying using it.” de KI4MCW


“The TR-35 is a fantastic rig! What a great design! Smooth operation! I bought my TR-35 as factory assembled and aligned.” de WA9PWP


“I wanted to offer my deep appreciation and thanks for your TR-XX kits. I have built the TR-25 and the TR-35. I find the instructions among the best I have ever seen. The kit parts in segmented plastic and high quality of parts and case and overall the simplicity and function built into the kits is well worth the price and time to build. I lead the Build Club function at NS9RC.org and I am recommending your kits in our next session. Thank you again for the thought and engineering in your kits.” de N9AEP


“I bought and built a TR-35 last month. I love it. I saw the review by Thomas K4SWL about the new CW memory and would really like to get mine upgraded.” de AE7UT 

“…I would like to congratulate you on the TR- series of CW transceivers, which have been positively commended in several venues. I really like the simple design and I think a TR-35 would make the perfect rig for /P ops.” de M0KTZ

“…really enjoying the rig, IMO I think this rig will be the new rig for qrp, simple to operate no menu's to mess with, just a straight forward rig. Excellent job…” de KA4RVR

“The radio has been a pleasure to use on four SOTA summit activations to date.” de W4GO

“I am wowed by the quality of your kit and speed of shipping.  Looking forward to starting it this week!” de AI7CA

“…I have completed over 100 QSO's and the 1000 MPW! I built the kit for fun and have got into the whole QRP thing! The kit went together fast and worked the first time I powered it up!” de W9KMK

“The TR-35 is full on success. What a superb device. Exactly what I was looking for. I built it in about 5hrs taking a lot of care and it worked instantly. Made a few QSOs across EU. I had it tested by experienced CW operators in my club and they were all very impressed by how quite it runs and also the thoughtful design (e.g. having two key/paddle jacks). We also went through the schematic and it is clear why the TR-35 is such a great radio.” de DL2COM

“Hello! I purchased a TR-35 kit recently, built it earlier this week, listened for a few days, and finally got it on the air today. Made a couple QSOs - one as a POTA hunter and another for SKCC. This little transceiver *rocks* man! It is already my favorite - and I think it will be a perfect field partner for my 817. The build quality and then the *performance* quality are out of this world, and the instructions are really great. I love the green color of the faceplate, too. Thank you so much!” de KI5JUB

“I got it today and it is perfect. Outstanding little QRP radio. Very pleased.” de K9DVM


“The 4 bander is a great kit. I like the way the manual is done and the parts packaged. Im 65 now and need all the help I can get. I have built a lot of stuff in my ham career and this kit is the most enjoyable of all of them Well Done!!” de W7GS


“I am quite impressed by the organization of the kit and the straightforward way it goes together. It's a fun build and I look forward to getting it on the air soon.” de VE2TEU

“Just wanted to say that the radio arrived today, on the air -- very well built product....” de KA4RUR

“Completed kit is working great, fun project and will enjoy using the TR-35 both indoor and portable. Can't wait to get your next kit.” de W9QP

“…I just wanted to let you know that my TR-35 kit has been functioning perfectly…I have made numerous POTA and a few SOTA contacts in North America. I also have some US and European SKCC contacts. It's a great little radio and is now my favorite QRP rig. I will highly recommend it to anyone interested in QRP and/or kits. Anyway, thanks again for a nice kit and a QRP radio that's easy to operate...no menus! I usually operate QRP for the WV QSO party, and this will now be my primary radio…” de NR5N


“Hello! I've completed construction of the TR-35 I just bought. Haven't done the checkout / power-up steps yet. Excellent kit! It doesn't get any better than this. From a fellow engineer: nice engineering and great instructions with a sense of humor! Thank you…” de KW2P


“I love this radio (TR 35). Worked VK3EO long path and got a 559. Then had a 45-minute rag chew with a station in NJ on 40. QRP? Really? I love the rx.” de WA0USA


“John, I just want to congratulate you on the TR-35. Mine was an enjoyable assembly and went together easily (experienced builder). It worked from the get go. Great package design and the instructions are pretty much perfect. Performance so far looks pretty impressive. The TR-35 is quite intuitive and just does exactly what I would expect it should. I think I am going to love this little radio and get lots of good use out of it.” de K3KY


“…received the tr35 a few hrs ago 1st contact on 40m, with efhw to Austria! what a neat lil radio!...” de K8ZFI





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